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People and Performance issues are common concerns to organisations in every industry.  Quite often, those issues stem from people strategies being out of step with your business strategy.

bmba HR and OD specialists understand the need to not just “align” business strategy and people, but to ensure that they work together closely and systematically from the beginning at all levels in the organisation.


We help clients not only measure and reduce HR costs, but also improve the delivery of your HR strategy to realise the true potential of your people.  We optimise your human system to drive and sustain your business performance, and deliver real gains to your bottom line.

bmba Human Resource & Organisation Development services can be tailored to the needs of small, medium and large multi-divisional companies.


HR & OD Strategy

“Employer of Choice” 
Succession Planning
Human Capital management and measurement
Talent management
HR & OD service delivery


Function & Process effectiveness 

bmba Exit Interview ® Optimisation
Performance Management
Mentoring & Coaching
Rewards and Recognition
Employee Induction

Organisational Diagnosis 

Leadership Culture
Organisational Culture
HR & OD service effectiveness
Employee competency

Management of Change  
“Readiness for Change” Diagnosis
Change management plan and implementation
Implementation of change initiatives


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