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We define strategy as a coherent and evolving portfolio of initiatives to drive long term performance and stakeholder value. 

Our successful adaptive and holistic approach to strategic planning and implementation represents an integrated effort across the top executive team, as well as the business unit and functional leaders.

Many different elements of strategic thinking are necessary to ensure success.  We offer a comprehensive toolkit of approaches to meet your specific strategic needs around growth, competitive issues and other tactical concerns that may arise to achieve sustainable solutions.

Our pragmatic methodology helps uncover strategic options hidden among the intangible assets in your core businesses to provide new growth avenues.


“Employer of Choice” Strategy

Successful and high-performance companies know how to attract the best candidates, manage and keep their knowledgeable people.  We help you develop and implement an effective “Employer of Choice” strategy to achieve competitive advantage, and quality working relationships – trust and respect.


Business Unit Strategy
A successful business strategy focuses on creating stakeholder value.  We work with clients manage risk and formulate strategy to take advantage of the opportunity presented to them in uncertain business environments.  We help management develop new skills and new ways of thinking to develop strategy for growth.  We share our tools, frameworks, and planning and decision-making processes that help make sound strategic choices and initiatives.


Strategic Planning Process
Most strategy decisions and initiatives are interdependent in the business as they often depend vitally on the strategy choices made by other functions/units.  Our innovative planning process provokes questions and facilitates conversations rather than creating documents, and involves those expected to implement the strategy in the planning process to meet their business unit needs.

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