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Sustainability Diagnosis


    Today, CEOs are making business and people excellence their top priority, and their focus is on fundamental strength andbottom-line results.  What drives bottom-line performance in most industries is management and operational issues such as quality, cost, service and people.

We help clients rethink their operational capabilities, develop and execute practical operational strategies to:


meet the needs of better informed, more demanding and more selective customers and employees
remove inefficiency from systems
simplify business processes
transform the mindset and behavior of the people – the way they think, feel and conduct themselves in the workplace, both individually and collectively

Business Effectiveness Diagnosis

We solve complex strategic and operational problems from diagnosis to implementation.  We address problems from the most senior management right through the shop floor perspectives, and base our recommendations on rigorous, factual, and integrative problem solving.

However, we don’t stop at analysis and recommendations.  We also pilot the changes we recommend with your change team members, guide implementation, and help to build capabilities until they are ready to achieve their organisations’ most ambitious goals.

Business Excellence services


Customer Relationship Management
We help clients reduce the cost of delivering customer service and deliver a more satisfying customer experience.  This is achieved by efficiently anticipating, meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations.


Supply Chain Management
We help clients achieve operational efficiency to improve their on-time-in-full product/service delivery.  This is achieved through our holistic approach to developing a dynamic and user friendly system and efficient processes for their internal supply chain management.


Change Management

The implementation of any solutions or improvement initiatives can be the hardest part when affected people and processes typically span several functions, organizations, and countries.  We offer practical support via a range of tailored and proven intervention and transformation approaches designed to achieve both short-term impact and long-term sustainability.


Business Management

We provide the following services to help clients achieve business performance improvement and sustainable competitive advantage:

Process improvement
Risk minimisation
Quality management
Internal auditing
Occupational Health and Safety management
Hazard identification
“Fit for Work” Drug & Alcohol management program
Safety/Quality Management Leadership
Internal/External Customer-focused cultural development

Project Management

We offer clients a unique combination of customized project management consulting and value-driven solutions.  Our expertise and business outcome-centric approach, combined with unique integrated change management programs and organisational involvement, deliver positive results to our clients.

Project Management outsourcing
Turning around a challenging project
Change management support
Project Management Coaching


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